Powdercoat in Sydney?

Can anyone recommend somewhere they’ve had a good experience getting this done in Sydney? Also maybe the price and turnover time??

Thanks in advance

P.S While I have you…is there a name for the old track bars that are close to a haf circe when you look at them from straight on? Those are well good.

I had a frame powder coated via Star Enamellers, who out sourced to someone who did a top job. Cost $120 (?), took one week but this varies.

i hear very very good things about star enamellers.

i think the bars you mean are the major taylors, maybe. could be wrong…

hey i can do powder coating of all the dulux colours and include a sand blast before hand to get a good finish.

price is around $100 depending on colour and turn around is 1 to 2 weeks but can do quicker if you need it.


i guess if at some point i need some powdercoating done i will pm you.