Powdercoating + Complete Rebuild


I have a Masi fixie, has plenty of decals, is scratched up beyond belief, so
It’s time for some new gear and a new coat!

Just looking for some quick advice on powder coating.
I have totally stripped the bike of all parts.
My question is what do I need to watch when getting the frame + forks coated.
I’m pretty sure I would have to leave my BB in the frame to protect the thread?
Does the top of the fork need to be left uncoated?
Is there anything else you could give me some pointers on?

So far the order list includes;
New bars, tape, chain, crank and BB, pedals, tyres
Very excited, can’t wait to start building :wink:
Photos soon


hey callum

welcome to FOA.

i reckon this might answer most of your questions - http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f9/spray-paint-like-pro-getting-bling-finish-paint-job-14437/

if it doesn’t, that’s the place to ask questions.

cheers :slight_smile: