Hi, has anyone recently had a frame Powdercoated? I’d like to get my daughters done and looking for any recommendations in Sydney (preferably Parramatta area)

I’ve used Mr Kleen in Padstow a fair few times (though last one was probably 3 years ago).

They have a good range of colours (dulux and interpon) and are pretty affordable at around 100-120 bucks.

I used to use a small factory down in Mascot but not sure they are there anymore, that would’ve been 8 or so years ago now.

Did you have to blast it before giving it to Mr. Kleen? I enquired recently with a place in Brookvale who said it would need to be stripped/blasted then delivered. Powder was quoted at $180 with an initial zinc coating.

If Mr. Kleen are cheaper I might get one done soon.

FYI Mr Kleen quoted “normally standard price is $135 + GST”

Inc. blasting? I’m out there for work next week, if so…