power balance bankruptcy

one for you Antmandan:
Power Balance forced into bankruptcy - Yahoo!7

Oh this makes me smile.

fuck. will they have a liquidation sale? A Grade here i come when i get 10 of these babies on each limb!!!


But I bet the prick directors are still walking away with plenty of cash.

Ho hum…back to the Livestrong arm band.

only reason i care about this is that power-balance sponsors the Sacramento kings stadium, and they’re struggling already as it is without also losing another sponsor :frowning:

you know what’s hilarious, go onto thier facebook page and look at all these retards banging on about

“I wore mine today and definately ran faster, I felt like superman”
and then three days later it’s
“The hologram has started to wear off… does that mean the magic is waning”

I’ve taken to contacting them personally trying to sell magic beans, needless to say I’ve yet to sell a single one.


Those stupid, nose band aid things will be next!

were they wearing powerbands??? maybe they need to wear more powerbands. yep, definitely more powerbands


didn’t see this coming…

oh no! who will sponsor team ciocc now? hurley?

their arms arent long enough, the way they’re playing