Power through milk!

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I actually heard some new study’s that low fat Milk has been found to help build muscle mass if taken before a workout.
But the first guy to drink it back in the day must have been a little suss.

Mustn’t be too bad for it, I knew a body builder whos diet for the last two weeks before a competition (the fluid shedding, last two weeks) was made nearly entirely of glasses of skim milk with about 4 tablespoons of skim milk powder stirred in each one.

Given that I doubt he would be wanting to lose muscle this sounds like some sort of plan.

Warning! Has side effects … I think he’s grown breasts

That is such a great resource, some very nice photos amongst the collection

Drinking a gallon (3.8L) of full cream milk every day, combined with appropriate strength training, is an extremely effective old-school recipe for muscle gain.

The more you know.