Prefered tyres...

…for street riding. Does anyone have recommendations for durable tyre brands?


A second vote for Gatorskins.

I’ve only been running them for a couple of weeks but a guy I work with has commuted on them for the last couple of years without a single flat.

Third vote for Conti Gatorskins. Probikekit has 'em for $34.00 a piece Oz dollars.

Or run Vittoria Rubino with an armour belt inside, I have had a pretty good run out of that combo.

I’ve been using Schwalbe Stevio(think thats how you spell em).

Have had over a year,

Front has had 2.5 years and is just beginning to delam.

I’ll be back for more of these.

vittoria randonneur = the ONLY choice. They are the best, best, best things that you can buy for commuting. I’ve had v little success with gatorskins in canberra (the puncture capital of oz) but randos roll through piles of glass AFTER rolling through burning coal pits and still hold up. $30-35 a pop… cant be beat. I guess t-servs are also good but are three times the price. need clearance for 28mm

Randonneurs look great too :slight_smile:

Well, twice the price…almost. A rear T-Serv lasted me 2 months. They don’t hold up to skidding well. Good tyre, but too may $ per km.

Anyone know anything about Schwalbe Marathons?

6 months of messenger work on a set of gatorskins. no flats, lots of skidding, and i’ve rotated them once. time for new tyres soon and i’ll be buying more of these.