Pretty kewl track wheelset - Gipiemme

Vintage Gipiemme Phil Wood Track Fixie OLD School Wheelset | eBay

so nice ! Want them badly

Damn! those are tidy!

‘Adds to watch list’

I recall seeing these on a full build… a Paconi or something. Can’t remember if it was for sale as a complete? Or just a picture.
Nice as. Exactly the same rim as a Shamal.

edit: How did they fill those valves! :open_mouth:

it’s for this reason that i reckon every junior racer type in need of sweet race wheels will be watching these. reckon they’ll go for a pretty hefty price.

moglix’s don gibbs

Yep. These will be popular.

I have heard that these are the same as Shamals,
I may be wrong but I call bullshit, it may be the same extrusions but the 416 are notorious for having a lot of distortion in the rim walls.
I’m guessing it’s from the rolling