Prices for shipping a frame and fork from the States...?

I’m looking at getting a frame from the states but unsure on the best shipping method.
The seller isn’t that keen to ship internationally so its up to me.

I have had frames come from Japan for about $100USD and wondering what prices you guys have had for them coming from the states?

I am in New Zealand so it will be a bit more I guess.


If he will not ship internationally you could use a freight forwarder I just paid about $280 all up delivered to my door in qld from north Carolina $5o to the shipito office in Cali then $220 from there to here plus a small set up cost of a shipito acc about $10 that’s the cheapest I could find but you might be cheaper in nz depends on your postal service sizes.

it got a lot more expensive recently because the americans are worried that unshaven people who speak a funny language and have slightly different coloured skin are going to mail nuclear weapons and so on out of the united states of freedom.

Yep. Use or

Seller only has to send it to an American address, so they are happy. You get the cheapest price, so you’ll be happy.

Total cost will be under $300 inc the freight from seller to depot (if they pack it well, it can be under $200). And you’ll get it really quickly.

i’ve used MYUS a few times with good results.

I’d go Shipito.

Pretty easy and I found their shipping the cheapest when I was comparing.

costs about $600 to get a frame shipped to your door using any of the usual couriers (fedex, usps, ups, etc) due to frames being slightly too large.
freight forwarders are much cheaper, but it will take longer to get to you and is handled by more people.
unless it is either really cheap or really special, i wouldn’t bother

Awesome thanks guys.

Yeah its special and expensive! I take it all of the freight forwarding services are trackable?