Primate SSCX

Hi All,

Here is my Primate SSCX bike which was finished just a couple of months back. This was the first Cyclocross bike built by Tarn Mott of Primate Frames. It is a singlespeed and absolutely fantastic to ride. I have done sections of the Munda Biddi Trail with it over here in Perth which I have to say was hard work. It is mainly used for commuting and is very comfortable for long stints in the saddle.

The paintwork was done by Star Enamel in Sydney and is fantastic. My meagre, rubbish photos dont do it justice at all. The wheels are Kinlin 200s laced into Phil Wood hubs with a White Industries 18t freewheel care of Mr Hale at Shifterbikes. As for the rest of the bike:

Sugino 75 cranks and 46t Fyxomatosis chainring care of Mr White
Ritchey carbon forks, bars and seatpost
Selle saddle
TRP Euro-X brakes
Phil Wood BB
Chris King Headset
Vittoria 32C tyres
SRAM carbon brake levers
Izumi Supertough chain
Custom stem by Primate Frames

If you are interested in learning a new level to your swearing then setting up cantilever brakes for the first time is definitely the way to go. The photos here show the bike before I pulled them all off and did them again hence no ferrules etc. Once set up though they are fantastic on either the road or the dirt. This really is a wonderful machine to ride.

Whilst I have no commercial relationship with Tarn at Primate I have to say if you are keen on getting a custom frame, you would be hard pressed to deal with someone better. The same goes for Dan Hale and Andy White who both gave me a lot of advice re this project. Then again you probably all know helpful these people are.

Keir Whitcher

Excellent! I have known Tarn for a while now, and I really like the frames/bikes he is making.

i too am a big fan of tarn’s work - went and saw his workshop last time i was in sydney, and was very impressed…

Hi Brendan,
I haven’t had a chance to get over there to the Wollongong workshop since he set up there but am hoping to get there this year with any luck. He did the wheels for my Panasonic but that was in Sydney. He is very professional and a seriously nice bloke to boot!

This bike only furthers my desire for a SSCX bike. Very nice indeed.

Not as quick as a Ti Moots Psychlo - X.


Nice bike- what tubing type is it?

Hi Horatio,

The aero tubing used was Columbus. The details of the build are on Tarn’s site and the re is:

Keir’s Aero cross wepon



I would suggest bringing the ratio down a bit if you enter Dirty Deeds this year :wink: (unless you have super-legs)

You bet I will, I meant to get a 39t before the summer and promptly forgot so the Munda Biddi Trail was rather painful at times!! I certainly dont have super legs, not at 42 years of age!!

Unfortunately I will be at sea a lot this year so will miss out I’m afraid. Moving back to the Promised Land (Vic) next year so count me in for 2012!!