pro-lite wheelsets?

Any experiences?

Road wheelsets are well priced. Hubs (road) a bit unconventional. Anybody know if they’re any good?

Well to start, the hubs are just Formula hubs with something else written on them. Can’t tell you about the rims. So i am not much help at all really so i will fuck off back to my corner.

Dont be hard on yourself son. I know more about them than I did five minutes ago. :mrgreen:

I have a report from a friend that has the ‘Vicienzia’ model…

“I haven’t ridden them as road wheelsets, only track. Front is quite good & stiff. Rear really needs a bit less dish to be a good track wheel. Weigh a lot compared to Zipp road wheels. Spin nice and true.”

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions you want me to ask her then let me know!