Product of my laziness

Hey guys,

Put this together again this arvo and thought I’d post a it here.
Before you ask - I’ll explain the paintjob. The original plan was to strip it back completely and then either clear coat or respray it… I got half way and really couldn’t be fucked finishing it off and liked how it looked half done. Clear coat and a few stickers later, I have my new ghetto street bike.

Some of you may have seen this in the pub section when I discovered a crack on the underside of the chainstay. Kevin Wigham at Paconi (very, very nice guy) fixed it up promptly and after a chat he knocked $10 off the repair price. His work can be seen in the second image.

Also, as many of you have done before I’m sure, I got a slash in the pathetically weak sidewall of my rear gatorskin. As it was practically new and I didn’t want to have to fork out for another tyre, I conducted a makeshift repair job. Tried a few things, puncture patches, shitloads of duct tape etc, but most of them couldn’t stop the tube from bulging out the hole.

End solution - cut up coke can (lightly smoothed the edges) and ample tape to protect the tube from the aluminium edges. I’m waiting for the day that the slash propagates and the tyre rips in half, or the day that my tube gets punctured by the metal that it’s nearly in contact with. Whichever comes earlier, I’ll be prepared (actually, that’s a lie).

Excuse the poor photos, but a camera phone and some poor lighting is all I have access to at the moment.
Components are as follows:

Frame - Unknown Aussie track frame picked up on eBay for cheap last year (Mc Bain? haha) 54cm
Headset - unknown indexed (inspite of it’s repack), on the lookout for a different one
Stem - no brand
Bars - Nitto
Seatpost - Dura ace micro aero
Saddle - San marco concor
Wheelset - formula to velocity deep v (in the market for others, sick of these)
Cranks - Sugino 75s 165mm
Chainring - Sugino 75 47T
BB - dura ace cups w/ nitto axle. Sorting out a cartridge bb, but got this in the meanwhile for quite a reasonable price (thanks P!N20)
Sprocket - Surly 18T
Chain - SRAM PC-1
pedals - time atac


Ratty nice, chop an old tire up for the patch tin and tubes is danger.


Funny thing is, parts wise, it’s pretty awesome.

I dig it.

HA! yeahhh really digging this build. love the concor, looks ace.

Nice one, I really dig the paint job and stickers - looks tough. I shredded the side of my gator yesterday as well, so thanks for saving me a trip to the help section lol

Big fan of your work, but that bike isn’t finished til you’ve capped those bar ends.

lovely bike. deserves to be on this thread…

Yeah, I tried that first. But as I approached 100psi the tube bulged right out like a pea.

Cheers! By that I assume you’re referring to the viking. I’ll plug the bar ends tonight.
I just got the columbus/reynolds track that was listed for sale and in post your ride (big ups jaseyjase), so that’s the next project on the table. Won’t be up here till I get some cash in my account though… come on tax return…

if that’s the blue/yellow one i’m so fucking jealous.
I rate that frame so high.

That’s the one. So much nicer in the flesh (steel?) :wink:

So jelly as well, if i wasnt coming back over to sydney next week it would have been on my table not yours :stuck_out_tongue:

the coke can tyre repair job eventually destroyed my tube yesterday. Luckily I wasn’t in a rush and fixed it up with a trimmed piece of old tyre. Lesson learnt, although it did do a fantastic job under 130psi for many, many k’s.

No worries, glad you’re getting some use out of it as I thought it was destined for landfill!

Loving the ‘patina’, I’ll swap you saddles if you want something a bit more worn :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw this bike today!

Love the ghetto paint job!

12 months down the road.

Everything’s changed except the frame, cranks & saddle by the looks of things.

^no rack?

Trouble fitting it to these forks.