Professional bike fit

Is there anyone in Adelaide that does professional bike fitting?

Claude from MegaBike is pretty good (regardless of what people say) when buying a new bike but I want a service that is independent of brand or store.

Kym at north Adelaide is good. He will take you on a ride to sort out your fit, making small adjustments as you ride. He also has a sweet Ken evans sizing bike.

My current roadie fits really well. Bought from MegaBike and fitted by Claude. Been riding it for 10 years and still love it.
It’s a stock frame and I’m looking for a proper fitting for a custom frame.

15 seconds on google should yield some results.

not professional. not affiliated with any shop or other business.

Have helped many friends other riders over the years (I suppose) and situated near-city.

^ This. I have never understood why a professional bike fit is so lauded. With some decent searching online (probably not 15 seconds admittedly) you can garner all the information you may require. All you need is a measuring tape and a hardcover book (to measure your height and inseam effectively), and some time to pour over the geometry measurements of your intended purchase.

Revisionist Theory of Bicycle Sizing
The Information Hole | Surly Bikes

^ Dice, when I had a fit done for me I arrived with a couple of problems shoulder, knee,that I couldn’t pinpoint, I also wanted to feel comfortable on longer rides, 6 hours plus,

3 hours later, video and written analysis I came away with a heap of data as to why I was hurting, minor bike adustment made, beter technique sorted and most issues solved. initally I was sceptical after the first couple of rides, stuck with it and feeling the benefits now.

I have already done a couple of these and wasn’t happy with the data I was getting from these ‘online fit’ sites as it’s entirely up to you to interpret the data with no interaction.
Basically they came back with fits that were much smaller than what I’m currently riding.
But then again this seems to happen to a number of people.

I did a ride with a pro team this time last year and the team manager suggested that I’m a little too stretched out on my current bike which is hampering my climbing (along with being too heavy :wink:

I have been doing century rides on my current bike with no real issues or pain. I’m loving the wide bars but this could be why I need a shorter stem. Plus the bike was fitted to me 10 years ago and I’ve probably lost a little flexibility as I’ve had two shoulder ops since then.
So I really want to ‘talk’ to someone that knows their shit and thrash out small changes before I go down the path of a custom frame.

I know he’s copped a bit of shit on the forum, but Steve Hogg is pretty good and seems to be pretty well connected. Might be worth dropping him an email to see if there’s anyone in Adelaide who can do a bike fit with a custom frame in mind.

Been trolling through his site. Has some interesting stuff. A lot of it confirms that I’m pretty close to the mark with my current setup anyway. I was thinking I could ride a 56cm TT, that’s clearly not the case.

Will follow up with two options I have locally thanks to forum feedback.

Have ordered another stem that is 10mm shorter and see if helps a niggling elbow issue.
(could be too much mousing - no, that’s not a euphemism)

Oh, and PCD is Pitch Circle Diameter not Pin Circle Diameter. No wonder he gets shit.

I think saw one, just beside the beer fridge, or was it in the north wing, or…

Yeah yeah yeah. Only you get this :wink:
My garage isn’t a patch on Spirito’s from pics I’ve seen on here…

Gonna have to clear out some room in the garage soon. Need to make way for making Vino !!!

Fire sale soon, check this space :wink:

I’m surprised he didnt suggest sticking some magnet on it.

When cycling is a pain in the bum