Project Alan (with gears)

After trying not very hard to sell this late 70’s Alan Alloy frame, I decided to put it back together again. It’s a work in progress

The frame is a big one 60/61 but back then we never had much seatpost showing.
I was going to get some stickers for it until i realised the headbadge is very different from the ones being sold. Anyone able to make me some stickers from artwork? anyformat ?

The bits.
Headset will be a campag strada when Gypo gives me it back!!!
Currently a rather nice Stronglight A10
Chainset Campag Strada 170 42/53 (Think I got this new about 1986)
Pedals Campag Pista Chrome (they wore better than alloy pedals using metal cleats, pistas and gave a bit more clearance on corners than the stradas.
Toeclips: Christophe -they were easier to get in a XL, I used alloys for a while until I snapped one.
Brakes Galli single pivot sidepull (nut fitting), it was very common to use brakes other than Campag - I never had a set of Campag sidepulls before my current 2005 ones?
Needless to say they have exposed brake cables.
Front and rear mechs are Campag Nouvo Record with friction levers.
The rear mech was given to me with no top bolt- so I turned up a nylon bush and used the only (very ugly) M10 x 1 bolt I could find.
Wheels are campag record with mavic rims 700C. (isnapped the grease cover on the back hub) I have had these same wheels since about 1985, rims are worn but they still work ok- bearing are perfect of course.
Seatpost is a campag record fluted 25mm that came with Alan frames- uses a single bolt (with 13mm hex head)
Saddle Unica Plastic leather covered with alloy frame.
Bottle cage is an original from the early 80’s- alloy with a plastic guide. (only ever one set of cage bosses)
Cable clips for top tube are AFA french again.

to do list:
Make some rear wheel adjusters for rear ends.
Clean and polish everything
Cable it up
Get some black bennotto handlebar tape for it- no idea why!! I have two rolls each of cotton yellow and white may consider swapping for some?
Decide to compromise and use modern brake blocks or risk wrecking the rims totally and use the original galli ones?
Ponder on if i ever really want to ride it again or just hang it on a wall?

are these decals what you want?

Saw these, the globes on mine are different, the bands are too, mine only has 1974 and 1975, the lettering is ok though- which is why i was hoping to find someone that can make me some.
Good thing about alans you don’t need to repsray them :slight_smile:

Just cleaned the rear mech- forgot the external spring was chromed- the bushes for the jockey wheels still come up shiny- and of course only one tool to use taking it apart (and a screwdriver)

The white nylon bush is the one i made this arvo. think it may help the mech work better.

have you high quality photos of what you want?
My email address is in my profile, and image size is not an issue.
I can have a play in Illustrator, and you can send that through to Greg at Cyclomondo and see if he will do a print run with what you want.

good idea- i will finish off the cleaning etc first then see if I can do something in Illustrator too- may even try printing them myself, they don’t need to be very durable.

will keep the update coming as I progress.

Ah the gold ALAN, my dad has one too. I’m not too sure how many gold ones there are, but I understand not too many.
This is mine, had it since I was a teenager (long time now!).

Any chance your dad’s one has the original decals? would love a hi def image if possible- as you can see mine are a bit damaged.
I had a sky blue one would have been late 70’s early 80’s raced it for a season.

Lugged alloy is the new fixed gear.

As far as I know the bike has the original decals. The bike’s in Brisbane, but he’s in Canberra with work. I’ll see if his partner can take a few pics and email them to me.

Lugged alloy does not make a great fixed build. This bike has lots of flex, especially from the BB and forks. It’s just a garage-spec build that will double as a wet weather training bike (now that it has a brake).

Then what is an alloy lugged carbon frame then?

The new cyclecross

So almost finished- Gypo where the fuck is my headset!!!
Not quite period Super Record fron and rear mechs, but got the Benotto tape, and found an old Turbo saddle, bit more comfy than the Y unica one.
Just needs some decals to finish off- Gemm?
Never wanted to do a full restore more a rennovation, happy how it’s turned out.