Prolly's Icarus

Beautiful Bicycle: My Icarus Track Bike (Prolly Is Not Probably)

The Icarus work looks top notch, but…

I am not a huge fan of it. That fork crown is bleugh… Not a nice paint choice IMHO and that cockpit/stem setup looks ugly. BBBBUUUTTTT it’s not my bike. Nice components though.

^^ Love this.

I don’t like it either.
But I have ‘bad taste’ apparently.

I dont know is its just me, but a max frame without the signiture fat forks “which i love” doesnt seem quite right,

But the paint work on these Icarus frames is almost enough to sway me into a purchase, the way they use black is amazing.

Meh. I’ve got good taste. In fact it’s impeccable, and I agree whit Dyldi. The ‘lugs’ on the head tube, the fork, not to mention that hideous chud of a stem all come together to make something not as good as it could have been.

Agree on the paint though, bloody liquid.

To contrast, I love it.

I’m a big fan of segmented forks though.

Thing I like least is the stem. Though I don’t think I like how any 1 1/8 threadless stems look.

Looks classy, and exactly the bike he wanted. Can’t ask for more really.

For a heavy guy like Prolly, those low spoke count wheels are just asking for trouble. He’s not racing it on the velodrome either.

Paint job and decals/head badge is a little pretentious, but hey whatever floats your boat.

I think they’re just for the show, he has other (higher spoke count) wheels to put on it.

I like parts of it, but other parts frustrate me.

I think the first photo makes it look like it has really slack geometry as well (but the bike isn’t level), so it’s just an optical illusion. The paint is awesome though.

I like this Icarus more: Beautiful Bicycle: Chris’ Icarus Road (Prolly Is Not Probably)

Well apart from the stem, I like it.

No one can deny Icurus’s craftmanship but the whole build looks a little awkward. A more traditional wheelset would go a long way towards fixing the problem and loosing the tractor tires. Those Rolf’s look aweful.


i dont know if this qualifies as a crime against humanity but it probably doesnt warrant the huge write up/photoshoot

But it’s PROLLY’S!!!

who is prolly, a fixed gear pioneer or something?

I swear to god, every day Alexb618 gets funnier.

genuine question

is he the/a hipster fixie jesus?

Nah, he just happens to write a blog.

Which, for some reason, means a lot these days.

It’s not even a good blog!

I don’t understand the appeal at all.

blog = hipster jesus

thus, this bike is ‘probably’ (not prolly) perfect

thread closed, fu

The problem with his blog is that it’s just a massive advertisement. I have never read any honest or negative review of anything. But hey the kids love it.

i don’t like it. i like my bike. prolly probably feels the same about his bike.

but i could probably find at least 50 bikes on this forum i’d rather own.

i don’t like that white leader that people were getting chubbies about either though, so what the fuck do i know?