PSA - 44km/h northwesterlies for the rest of the day

Good for south siders. not so good for those traveling to Belco :wink:

If I could I’d leave Belco and get some of the KOMs on the way to town :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I won’t ride to the gig then!

You would coast home though

I rode at lunch… I prayed for a headwind for all you jerks.

Ha! i don’t work on Tuesdays so no commute home for me, sucker

You live on the northside - the joke is always on you… sucker!

The wind was surprisingly good riding into the city this morning (southside), and it was a beautiful day already at 5:45am!

Don’t act like Kambah is any better than Charny. I rode through Kambah two weeks ago and saw the most epic mullet in ages. It was half way down his back.

^ for us the good people of Reid you guys are just savages anyway

You saw the mullet.

Did I grant you permission to ride through my hood? I am surprised you got out alive - my minions are slipping… or out of booze.

Kambah Kutterz Krew represent

What are all these suburbs you guys keep talking about? #innernorthbitches

Hahaha! Yes! Forgot about this. We should have kept drinking that night. Damn it was good.

Lolski +1.

44km/h is a seabreeze. 44knots is a wind.

was gonna say, you feckin canberra wimps!

The winds are back, right on schedule. I softpedalled through Queen Elizabeth Terrace at 35km/h. Not looking forward to the ride home, especially since i’ve got a headache and the start of something flu-ey, and my commute is now considerable longer