Pub Footy this Sunday.

This Sunday is the last round of the Renegade Pub Footy League. It’s a co-ed, very very amateur league of teams representing various pubs around town. Mostly, though, it’s just a shitload of fun. There is music, there are beers, there are lots of trendy beards and classic road bikes locked up to the fence, there is heckling, there is mud, there are fat old folks crashing into each other. That’s damn good watching. You should come!

The first game - The Labour in Vain vs The Rochester Lions - kicks off at 1pm, but there are four games back to back, so if you rock up at any point in the afternoon you’ll definitely see some shenanigans. My team - The East Brunswick Eye Gougers - is playing in game three, at 3.50, against the Lomond. Perhaps now is your chance to get back at me for all the shit I gave you when you raced cyclocross that time. I’m not very good. Though I did kick a goal one time. Man, you should’ve seen me celebrating that one. I yelled so much dumb shit I felt a little sheepish afterwards.

All games are at Gillon Oval, aka Hope St Oval. There are undercover grandstands there if it rains. You’re also allowed on the ground for a kick at half time - that’s sometimes the best bit. Borrow one of Blakey’s footy bikes and see how many footies you can bring down!

Hope to see you there.

I went last time. It was totally awesome and I highly recommend it. Someone bring a footy so I can hyper-extend my thumb again.

on it.

Have you got a footy rack though Brendan?

nah. i got backpack. coz cool like skater.

you should come take photos though. in the first game i came off the field covered in mud and with a blood nose and probably looked tougher than ever before in my life - like, laurens ten dam tough - and there’s no photographic evidence. we need you dude.

I’ve got a few things going on Sunday at the moment but if I’m free later in the arvo I’ll pop down and snap some muddy blood faces! Rad!

If I can get back from the Tom Probert in time I’m keen to come down. Also, being allowed on the field for a kick at half time IS the best bit.

nah man. the yelling is the best bit. i mean really, how often in your life to you just get to let rip at full volume? it’s a fucking satisfying feeling.

Fuck yeah, pretty keen to dob the footy with me mates.


and when you get cold, just roll down the road to the Vic

Bloody eye gougers. The last couple of seasons I played against them they had a massive lean bearded guy rucking wearing a zoot-suit and steel-cap spiked lumberjack boots. was pretty dangerous. also he was agro as fk. dominated though. he’d take it out of ruck and charge through 4 tackles with elbows flying to make the clearance. I copped so many elbows to the face.

…maybe it was the unicorns though. who ever wears mismatched white singlets (mostly wife beaters).

but yes is it mad fun.

yeah, that’s the unicorns. i know who you’re talking about though.

gougers are in black t-shirts.

Aside of DDCX, this is your next best choice for Sunday entertainment.
All the essential ingredients were accounted for:

  • Mud V
  • Beer V
  • Heckling V
  • Deepfried ‘food’ V

Did I mention there were streakers?