Public holiday cruise, again!

Queens birthday weekend! YAAAAY!
I don’t usually get along to Wednesday night rides and the like, so in an attempt to meet more people, I will ‘host’ another ‘public holiday cruise’. Last time, a few people rode over to Williamstown, ate lunch at a pub, ate icecream, commented on each others bicycles, waved at Ferg’s parents as they sat eating lunch, and in general, had a MODERATELY GOOD TIME.

Let’s do it again.
Monday 14th, Fed square, 12pm, roll out after half an hour of waiting for some jerks who like to run late (me).
Ride to, erm, anywhere you like, really.
Throw out suggestions, I’m not gonna get all decisive and shit. Leave that to proper ‘event’ organizers.
Once suggestions are in, perhaps I’ll create a ‘poll’, as this website apparently supports them.

Australia play Germany very early Monday morning, just saying…

In tennis, I presume?

it’s early/late enough for people to swing both ways.

stay up from sunday to watch, crash for 4-5 hrs, the get riding.
grab some sleep sunday night, get up at 4/4:30am to watch, then either nanna nap til 11am or just man up…

One could take lots of drugs, I suppose.
Not that I condone drugs.

if you don’t all come i’ll bash you. my parents are awesome.

They were like, the highlight of the day dude.

Will pillows be coming? Will he have another lie down on the ride? So many questions…

Im in.

Hope so, don’t know how often he checks the forum.
I’ll see if i can dent my new ride like he did, gives a bike sweet character.

Nobody’s giving any suggestions. I’d suggest we ride to my place for a chill session, but the roof has been leaking, so no caravan-fun-times for you guys.

We could finish up at the Harrison street velodrome for a couple of laps.

i’m NLA for this. going up to the 'rat to enjoy some sub zero temperatures for my weekend fix.

I’m up for laps.
But not up for the 'rat.

how about all you guys ride backwards while whistling? :smiley:

how was the ride?

Just in case anyone interested, I got lost on the way home last night. Found myself on a golf course somewhere, there was ducks, I had no money, and my phone wasn’t working.
Otherwise, good times.

well i can’t walk properly after that retarded dismount (stack?) of mine. There was a bit of apprehension prior to removing the shoe once i had made my way gingerly home. little creatures was a brilliant idea too
nice meeting you guys

it was definitely a dismount. there was so much class to it.

cadence training up royal parade and into brunswick was not so much fun on cruising gear inches however.