Public Relations

So…which of you evil miscreants is guilty?

I totally agree with Chris’ observations.

To my reckoning, that ‘event’ was at best patently unsafe and at worst, fvcking stupid & a death waiting to happen.

There’s one thing running an alleycat amongst evening CDB traffic which is relatively slow, but run one on Punt Road?


For that reason I chose to abstain (but couldn’t bite my tongue any longer).

I don’t see how it’s really that much different to critical mass :confused:

Whatfuckingeva - ride, smile and cheer up charlie bucket.

If i was on that bus or unfortunate enough to be stuck in a car, I’d be yelling out the window ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ!!

and getting into it: a free bike freakshow!

People should have a bit of fun - enjoy life. If a bike race appears in front of your deadshit drive home from your deadshit job - get excited, stop, flash your lights, cheer, get into it!

It wasn’t morning on a monday or anything? jeez.

i’m with NDF.

on a lighter note, who’s got pictures? that’s all i say these days it seems. i want all of you to move over here! :slight_smile:


Are you serious Nath?


a whole pile of cyclists caned through the reds in very heavy peak hour traffic, heading northwards

A rider running a red light, whose action requires an oncoming motorist(s) (who have the right of way) to take evasive action to avoid hitting him is not riding in control or within limits.

It’s not just ‘a bit of fun’. Rather, it’s reckless and extremely selfish behaviour. And it gives us all a bad name.

… m.

I’m pro-cunt.

I’ve never really been all that convinced that being good cycling citizens changes the public’s perceptions much anyway.

I tend to think there are people who don’t like cyclists, regardless of what behaviour they see, and there are people who realise that you can’t tar everyone with the same brush.

I think the unsavoury name probably caused more distress than running reds. How come the people in the bus weren’t up in arms about all the cars around them that were undoubtedly running red lights, tailgating, talking on the phone, etc…

Live and let live.

I’m with b-rad and I’m a cunt too

hehe… that was a fun event! I should have won it, if I was not hanging onto the side of a tram.

Traffic = stupid, riding = fun, riding + traffic = stupid fun.

I don’t recall seeing anyone with a camera primz (I think I’ll have to start taking mine everywhere).

I’m a bit of a fence sitter on this one. I’m on no personal crusade to stand up for the ‘cyclists image’, I think we can take care of ourselves and everyone should be judged by their own behaviour.

I did find some of the intersection crossing a bit too rude. If anyone has to take evasive action then you’ve fvcked up in my opinion. I like to think Alley cats should be raced with enough skill to cut through the traffic without physicaly affecting other people. I don’t care how pissed off they are about rules, but when you rely on them to swerve it’s a bit wrong.