Pubs/Accomodation in Bendigo

So I’m doing a ride and staying in Bendigo overnight on Saturday then riding back to Melbourne on Sunday.

I need to find somewhere reasonably cheap that will allow us to take bikes inside overnight. (5 people)

Preferably a pub or something with rooms upstairs.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m not all too familiar with the town.


Go stay with Brendan’s sister…

Oval motel, go see Laurie next door at the pub or walk into the main part of town.

haha oh Erle

PiledHigher… The Oval Motel seems pretty reasonable, thanks.

It won’t be hard to find a pub, there’s heaps. Which way are you riding back? I’m riding back on Friday.

Bendigo, Eppalock, Redesdale, Kyneton, Woodend, Hesket, Bolinda, Clarkefield, Wildwood, Tullamarine, City is the best way. Back country roads all the way with little traffic.

Don’t go on the freeway, you’ll get loads of punctures and it’s too EASY.

I’ve ridden this 20 or 30 times at least and grew up in the area so give me a call if you want to know anything.

agreed - i think back roads are the way to go.

yeah your route would be ideal to really enjoy the ride, but first time doing this and doing it fixed… the easy route might be a little more appealing haha.

you’ll probably hear from me before the weekend mate!

Buzza’s backpackers is very nice… Bike friendly too. Just behind the Bendigo Bank bldg.

Being the Easter long weekend I’d say your chances of finding anything are slim, really, really slim. Sorry, with the parade and the Easter festival on the place is packed

Inaugural Bendigo Fixed ride on Sunday morning?

I’ll be up there with either fixed or roadie, I’m not sure if there are many, or indeed any bar one person i can think of, up there who would be riding fixed off the Velodrome.

Forgot about that, BGO has an Easter festival. Try the one Nath said or call the local tourist information. You’ll be right.

Sime, if it comes down to it, you can always pitch a tent down at the trails. :wink:

There is derelict shearers quarters at my grand parents farm, you might have to share with a few spiders and brown snakes, but my Nan will well and truely make sure you not riding home hungry.

Just another 70km north along the flattest straightest road you’ll ever ride.

Damn, I better get on the blower and call around, didnt know there was the easter festival!

Dont want the CFA trying to fight me!

Don’t worry the CFA will be to busy driving their trucks in the parade and flashing their lights for the kiddies

Dont light any cars on fire and youll be ok.