Hey Hobart folk. - I’m heading down your way later this week (won’t have a bike unfortunatly) - just wondering where the best place to get a pub meal and a few beers is. - cheers!


The Birdcage Bar at Wrest Point Casino…doesn’t get any better than that. (tee hee)


New Sydney does a wicked burger! Awesome atmosphere too…
There are a few other ok pubs along Salamanca, but I’d go the New Syd for sure.

Knopwoods on Salamanca does a fine trade in hand pumped ale courtesy of the Two Metre Tall brewery and is frequented by the Bottles & Chains crew on occasion…speaking of which, surely Sekt has a few words on this topic?

Sekt would give the Brisbane Hotel a good word!
I would back this notion also!

This is probably the one question I can truly answer and I’m four months too late. What a cock up!

Ok thread diggg. I’m in Hobart for the next two days. Got any cool bike shops or bars or galleries?

Moorilla Estate - beer, food, art, music.

Go and say whassup to Mischa at Cyclingo.

Best breakfast in the world at Machine Laundry Cafe.

Just for future reference, The Brisbane Hotel is awesome for down to earth crew and plenty of decent bands, all round a winner. They do wicked cheap basic pub meals too, and the Pizza Parma comes highly recommended by many. The New Sydney is probably the best pub for awesome food in the city, or the Republic Bar in North Hobart (good restaurants up that way too, Taj Palace does amazing Indian). If you want to get wasted and dance all night, Mobius after about 1am will usually satisfy all urges. Knopwoods at Salamanca is a winner for a drinking hole, and the best kept secret is the new-ish Preachers, which is up Montpelier Retreat (the street next to Knopwoods). The beers at Preachers are all awesome boutique stuff, and it’s expensive but great if you’re not just out to get smashed.


And yeah, come say hello up at Cyclingo in South Hobart!