pump pump pump pump it up


No campy head, no care.

I am guessing $190~ RRP in Australia.

That reminds me: what’s the beardo-approved reasonable budget option for frame pumps?


Topeak work OK too

Yeah but not MUSA-AT approved. I love polly’s comment ‘RRP $140 - any other will cost you ~$50’.

I mean, 50 is close to 140, right? Definitely not closer to 1/3 of it.

Just got the press release from Aus Distro. Hello RRP $239.95 AUD

Topeak master blaster is aces. Zefal HPX is ok. I have both.

And they both cost what, ~1/8-1/4 of the silca.

I’d go the Topeak first.

I have both Topeak and Zefal and prefer the HPX. The rubber washer/ seal around the valve on the Topeak keeps collapsing, making it difficult to get the pump on and off. I must dig up a replacement washer at some point.

Ffs… That price is just silly. Especially since theyll probably rattle off some freds bike doing a gravel grinder

Looks like topeak is easier to source, lots of local suppliers. Will go for that and if I have hassles at least there’s another option.

That chain reaction link was only place I could find HPX. Top peak didn’t play nice with my frame

I’ve got an all black Zefal HPX on my roadie. So much easier to get decent pressure compared to the mini-pump alternatives I’ve tried. Haven’t tried the Topeak