Pursuit frame for a newbie?

Had my first track training session last week and loved it. Started saving for an upgrade. Is it A) legal to rock up on a pursuit frame B) generally acceptable C) safe (is it too twitchy to ride in a bunch)?

Define pursuit. 650c/26" front? Bullhorns/aero bars?

Not UCI legal for mass start, your local comm might allow mismatched wheel sizes but you have to have drops for mass start racing or group training.

Stick to a normal track bike while you learn

Yeah. If your just thinking of running a MASH or something else with a steep top tube and 700c front and rear + drops you’ll be sweet.

I’ll clarify, i was thinking of something like the affinity lo pro (700c wheels front and rear). I know it may not be the quickest frame around the track, but it would be nice to have something a bit different.

Bicycle frame =/= speed.

Run it man it’ll be sweet

Yep, legs = speed

Thanks, just what I wanted to hear, now for some $$$.

Affinity local… is biggish but

Buy this!! I recon it’s rad… Sloping, triple, raw finish and a carbon fork :slight_smile:

Went with a Low pro. Looks much better in the flesh than in pics online. Now to customise.

Matching tyre colour to saddle and bartape is always a good start.

Don’t forget coloured chain! No wait thats because fixie :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re on the right track Loki. Chainring bolts and headset top cap too.