Pursuit talladega nights alleycat saturday 1st of oct 7pm nobby surf club


its gonna be rad!

do the event organisers provide flak jackets for out of towners?

I’ll be over from Adelaide so might come down (although I’ll be bikeless).

how will you flee from the inevitable drive-bys?

if we call in hoax crimes at each checkpoint we could get the new police chopper to guide us?

everyone gets a prize

^^ 6oz of lead?

50cal mounts on ur fixie bro


so whos keen to go to this?
train down to save legs to smash competition.
train @ 3:54 from central to robina at 5:10, roll down towards nobbys beach, have a feed

via team pursuit
Big backpack, Lights, Lock, Helmet, Pen

was keen - this killed it though

this entire event is a massive drug front we just need people to move the drugs around the coast

per team? per person? shotgun sucking the wheel of anyone with a garmin

i just figured that out.

im not sure if there is a rule on team orders. Alonso & Massa style @ Hockenheim 2010

some prizes are fame/forks, bags, hats, tyres, pedals, tshirts, straps, tubes, pumps, tool bags,vocuher to silks on upton, condoms, ans other shit too.
come as every C gets a prize

shits getting realz tonights