Puruit Madness!

Ex Bulgarian Team Tommisini

Tommasini pursuit vinage track frame VERY RARE!! - eBay (item 170519234662 end time Aug-05-10 08:08:05 PDT)

Spectrum - absouletly mental. My back hurts looking at this!

Spectrum Pursuit Track Frame - eBay (item 180542057689 end time Aug-08-10 12:12:14 PDT)

Ex German Team Faggin

Faggin Pursuit Bahnrad Fixie fixed Bahn no Colnago Gios bei eBay.de: Fahrr

The Faggin is very cool (… pronounced Fa-jeen)

2 G’s and it’s pronounced fa-jeen. i don’t buy it :). sure it’s not va-jeen

I’m really starting to fancy a pursuit frame. Reckon that would be my next purchase if I can find one my size, and cheap enough.

what size you after? how much $$$$ you got?

all 3 are ready to be drilled