Pushies Galore 2013

Pushies Galore #3 is happening on Sunday 14 July. Mark it in your calendars and stay tuned for more details. The poster bike for this year is a Super LA BMX, proudly made in Brisbane.

Rad. Got the sticker on my car already. Poster looks smart, very movie’esk.

I have the sticker on my pram…

I don’t have the sticker :frowning: but will be there for sure.
Nice poster.

Pumped! The Guch is ‘finished’. I think.

Anyone having a pitch? I’ve got one bike I’d like to put up for sale.

Alternatively, Gav - Can you put a bike in the display section with a for sale sign on it?

Yeah Chris - you can totally sell a bike that’s on display. Pretty sure people have done that previously. Just put your contact details on it. We’d leave it up for the seller to talk directly to interested buyers.

Looking forward to this!

Will be bringing some Kumo wares for all to see

Also looking forward to maybe going for a ride with some rad Brissy dudes if possible

Give us a yell if you want a floor to sleep on Keith

Or if any other rad people want to come up I’m sure we could get accom for most

With you Chris, not going to try and sell much… going to enjoy the day, may just ride the Alan out there …who is the beer sponsor this year ?
I want a sticker ;-(

You didn’t try to sell much last year, more just left it with Xcx to sell haha

Thanks for the offer dude, I think I have already imposed myself on Gypsy for a place to stay :smiley:

We’re dropping batches of stickers to Gear and Kombi Koffein on Saturday. Mountain Goat’s range will def be on offer. They’re trying to snag a few of their small batches for us.

Have space (with a bed) for anyone also keen to come up for the weekend, we can run an alleycat and ride out sick bikes and do cool shit like that and stuff.

I was speaking to Gavin a while back about may be doing a Sat ride?
A vintage epic to the hills, But then again that means me lugging my 12kg bike to glorious but hey Eddy would go.

alll for a ride, but maybe dont limit it to vintage, in that “all encompassing community spirited vibe” thing

Full rundown to-date.

Includes show ‘n’ shine categories, stall holders, side event and other such tidbits.

FB event page now up. Will be chucking latest news and details up here.

So who’s in for a group ride,
I’m thinking 6:00am and heading up to may be Scarborough for a coffee or up to nebo for a coffe.

I’d really like to make it as acessable to as many people as possible fixed, retro, modern or what ever.
Say a 30km/h roll.

What’s people’s thoughts?

Open to suggestions