Pushies Galore 2015

Yeah Lorday, if you can get to the bikepath along the freeway, then jump straight onto Logan road, that’s the simple way (rather than back streets). Depending on what time you’re going in on sunday I’ll be riding via the city and could show you. But otherwise, it’s really not too hard.

Registering the bike that I’ll be riding so probably aim to leave the city 8.30ish or a touch later. If anyone wants to play tour guide or something I’m happy to chew your ear off the whole way, if not I’ll find my own way (thanks for the tips!).

Tour de Keg details:

7pm start at 70 Geelong St, East Brisbane.
Donations towards Nepal relief fund throughout the night.
Fire, tour coverage, 8 beers on tap, and good times all provided.
#foamafia and friends of #foamafia all welcome.
Event will be on rain hail or shine.

I’m finally going to make it to Tour de Keg, plane gets in 6:30pm

I can probab do this, can meet you at 8.30 on Gregory Tce or Boundary or something, I’ll PM ya my number

rain/hail/shine… yeh?

fack. what a weekend.

big ups to everyone that came out especially the lads that travelled form interstate.

What was everyones favourite build at PG? I was really digging the pink Cinelli ladies bike. 10/10 would ride.

I got a rad set of green airlites and pocketed the cash from selling some retro gear. Anyone else pick up any bargains?

Good to see heaps of faces from the #FOAMAFIA! Andy that Nitto factory cap is the best thing ever.

That was so fucking cool. Met a bunch of rad dudes and had an absolute banger of a weekend.

yeah awesome as always guys.

Saw some sweet builds, met guys like Dave and Lorday, bought some cool stuff, ate some pizza.

Geoff’s bike display was great, and by far the brightest assortment of frames I’ve seen.

Thanks again lads. Photos are up on the flickr. Friday was a loooong day for me with no sleep, early flight (they took my spanner!), hangs with gyspy and adam (cycleexif), then a bit of running around, hanging out at crankstar bespoke (what a fucking cool shop) with a whole bunch of rad dudes. After that I ended up at some wanky place call Friday’s and woke in the early hours in front a chruch before making it back to my hostel. Saturday was nothing interesting until tour de keg (thanks dan!). And Sunday was straight up fire with Pushies Galore. Thanks for the ride Zach (and congrats on the win). I never did catch back up with you before you left. Everyone (the list is way too fucking long) I met, shared a laugh with and chatted to during the weekend - THANK YOU.

Crankstar by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Tour De Keg 2015 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Tour De Keg 2015 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Pushies Galore 2015 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Pushies Galore 2015 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Pushies Galore 2015 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Pushies Galore 2015 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

Pushies Galore 2015 by #lordayplease, on Flickr

I also bought another McLachlan #oops