Pushies Galore 2015

The fifth year of Pushies Galore … we’ve finally got a date locked in. Sunday 12 July 2015 is the one. On at the Holland Park Bowls Club. We’re planning a Friday evening event and some kind of ride activity on the Saturday. More details soon.


Looking to come up for this!

Yep right in the middle of deployment season again. :frowning:

All the best track bikes have been retired due to #bitterbrothers

War, what is it good for… Not sik Kents at Pushies Galore.

Bugger, will be in Cairns, wanted to see Keith and thank him in person for Maaike’s bike.

I’d very much like to come up for this, but no idea if I can.

Might try to make a #sjerks appearance!

Looks like the weekend for Tour de Keg has been set then as well. Interstaters, if you’re going to travel up here for one weekend of the year then this would certainly be on the top of my list.

Favourite day of the year!


BUMP! This weekend, who’s comin out and watcha bringing?

Friday night 7pm @ crankstar with Geoff Scott, Adam from Cycle Exif & also Ben from Cicli Spirito.

Saturday - Tour de Keg

Sunday - Pushies swap & Show’n’Shine.

I’m up and bringing a bike!
Will drop by gear Friday and will be at pushies Sunday but Friday evening and Saturday are currently accounted for already.

Sent Gypo and Richard off at 1am with a van full of bikes!
These guys are the best organizers and all around dudes.

See you all there! Stoked to be a part of Pushies.


I’m hoping to make Friday and will be there Sunday.

Pushies Galore rec ride Saturday morning meet at Planet at 7am

Is anyone riding from around about ‘spring hill’ to pushies on Sunday?

I’m riding in from northside but I have NFI how to get to HP BC, v1 bikeway then norman creek?

Last year when I rode with Hayes and co we just took the bikeway to stones corner then went down logan rd. It wasn’t that bad. I rode home with a slight buzz on down logan rd at about 3ish and I made it out alive