Pussycat/Courier Cup 2011

Yo, shit’s going down in the next few months, flyers to come, but here’s a write up from none other then young tiprat chook Teagan herself.

gitcha mangy maggot cat weasel dog tiprat hoodrat gutterkitten selves down round 7pm to register slash throw your hard earned money at MDMA to use gratuitously at a later date

race will start at 8 SHARP i mean SHARP ok so if youre not registered and ready to boot at 7:59 then you win FIRST LOSER which ill write on your face… when youre not looking and noone will ever sleep with you ever again ever ever in the history of the universe.

ENTRY FEE (revised yo…) is TEN BUX for each courier cup race (there are a total of 3, and this is the FIRST one of these 3)
>>> OR <<<
TWENTY BUX for entry to ALL THREE RACES. (cheaper, see what happened there, omg like wow) The second will have you with your pants round your ankles sometime in OCTOBER, and the final race will happen in NOVEMBER. There will be a points tally over the three races, the overall winner of which will score some mighty-freakin-fiiiiiiiiin​e prizes, so its worth the entry fee not only cos lets face it this is a fundraiser and secondly because Iv already got so many prizes piling up on my doorstep youd have to work pretty hard NOT to win anything.

There will be prizes of varying calibre depending on how much effort i put into getting shit together however i can guarantee schwag, beer, beats, babes and shit weather so as if you’re not gonna come and throw your heart soul and wallet into this prestigious event, plus it ends at the Pea Bee so its really just a detour on your way to the pub.

also i need a couple checkpointers hit me up if you can mmmkay




For more updates see the facebook page here

And full list of sponsors on the way so stay tuned
As Pip said this is a three race thing and we’ve got heeeeeeaps of swag to give away already
so get down, bring ya race face and ya party pants!
gunna be huge!

LOL @ Smellburn Poo-Baix

so there was a guy handing out flyers at Wednesday Fix-


I was just hoping courier cup would have a release form similar to this one that stipulates that I may be subject to drug testing.

that guy was very uncomfortable… ‘this may be a free drink card’.

same guys that came to the swap meet?

didnt see them there… or at least didnt get handed a flyer. he looked very wary approaching the large but seemingly friendly group. to be fair none of us had an aerospoke like him.

in theory, you could have also been drug tested at the Cyclocross the other day.

i dont really get what you dudes are talkin bout but its a non-event so why would there be a release form?

and seriously do i have to have ‘hipster’ next to my name on this forum? can one of you gentlemen with the interwebby powers at least change it to hoodrat or something? or nothing? its instigating negative emotional/social/existential/hyper-mental repercussions in my cyber-soul. sheesh.

i love the way you write. sure, i can’t read more than a paragraph at a time, but it’s always a hell of a ride.

more posts and your title changes automatically.

I tried asking super nicely, ended up the dance commander.
System works!

haha, fair call brendan, sorry, well in that case how bout you put me down as ‘verbal AK47’ so the general populace is warned not to illicit a response from me lest they bear the inevitable consequences of WORD VOMITTTTT.

dylan thats the best title on the whole forum in my opinion, go forth and conquer armed with legwarmers, a leotard and the macerina. dunno if thats how you spell it but you know what i mean.

Oh, I know what you mean indeed.

Oh man I was riding dirty! The pseudo didnt help thou. I couldnt get any other hell krew to join in on the cheating thou.

i’ll most likely be speeding for the CV cross race.

maybe you should just leave the house earlier.

It kinda looked like a smurf penis…

Word at the A grade start line was that you weren’t the only one on the cold medicine. Not so if they were hitting as hard :wink: