Putting on The Ritz

I’ve always been a fan of the t-shirt. Now behold the jersey!

Group purchase?

I’ve already got one.
Just waiting for a formal fixed ride to wear it

I think there’s a formal fixed ride on the calendar.

Ask ndf.

One word: YES!!!

I need one of these.

“Out of my fucking way, butlers coming through!!”

I’d be in that, primal make size ELFB

Dan was selling these awhile ago.
I bought mine from the US, not direct from Primalwear, got the same price from a reseller plus free socks!

I’ll check with Nath for the date of the formal ride.

I’d most likely be interested. Possibly about 10 of them for myself and some mates. we’ve been considering getting some of these for a friends’ wedding in jan.

Oh shit, time to come clean. While I think they’re hilarious, I was only really kidding about the group buy! :-o

I’m not liquid enough for a novelty jersey right now, but I do dig the idea of a formal fixed ride - I’ve already raided the op shop for a shirt and bow tie.

But there obviously some momentum for this, so I’ve done some checking. Looks like the cheapest on the interweb is AU$70 (US$59.95) + postage, and I’ve emailed the four resellers at this price to ask what quantity we need for a discount, and what postage will be. Two of these offer free socks as part of the deal – schweat.

If anyone wants to step in and coordinate this, please feel free - I’ll happily forward you the info. Otherwise I’ll post back here when I get prices, and set the date for final orders.

When is the formal fixed ride??

I’m waiting for the bogan ride, blueys, stubbies, blustones, flannies and vb slabs!

Formal fixed ride!! This coming Saturday 29th September. Dress to the elevens for a cruise to Belgium. It’s on the calendar.

Now… where to find a suitable date for this marvellous occasion?

I don’t want to ruin my op-shop suit with chain-grease… can anyone suggest any ‘formal’ cycling attire? :evil:

Uuuuuu Yeah! Thats the ticket!
I’ve been looking for an occasion to use a tandom…

now for which lucky lass to ask to the occasion???

Ok, the cheapest quote is from Aero Tech Designs at US$45 for 6 or more. They have the blue waistcoat version, which is equally dapper. No free sox, sorry.

The only one cheaper was The Bicycle Hub for 25 or more at US$43 each.

Postage quoted from someone else was $10 for the first jersey and $3 for each additional jersey. I’ve asked Aero Tech for a shipping quote.

So assuming we get atleast 6 orders, and that shipping is similar, it’ll be US$49 each to Australia. Thats AU$59 bucks, plus about $6 postage within Australia if you can’t meet in Melbourne for a Saturday ride to pickup. I’m ok with a bulk post to Brisbane or wherever, if that helps to keep costs down and someone volunteers to distribute from there.

Who wants one, and what size? I’ll need money up font, via GayPal or bank transfer.

And secondly, if you do, do you want to take over the order from here? Chromeo, if you need 10… :roll:

I’m thinking of dinner shirt & bow tie, with board shorts. Its cool but in a Drunk Melbourne Cup Bogan kind of way.

Hahahhaha that is so true!! It could also work for Grand Final day!

I can’t believe this is actually a thing, haha. Primal Wear should be boycotted for crimes against humanity!

I’ve sent an email out to my peeps so i’ll get back to you shortly.


Are people still keen?

Looks like only a few of my mates still want to go through with it.