QLD Come and try it Day Sat 15th Oct

Saturday there are try it days at most of the velodromes in QLD so if you’re around any of them

Pop along around midday and see what’s happening;
I’ll be at Caboolture from about 11:30 this time- may take a bike along- there is racing afterwards if you have a licence- I’m the chief commisaire for that too.

Few rules - no risers , no brakes- no 175mm cranks with flat pedals- they damage the tracks- and wear sleeves please.

If you’ve not been out to Caboolture - it has a nice steep banking- not a bad track at all
There are bikes available to borrow- if you’re nice may lend you one of mine- no not the new one, unless I know you very well!!!
If you’ve got a licence come out and race- from about 3pm.

Any questions???

I’ll be at Caboolture, my friend is trying it out for the first time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you sell me a Yellow and Black Hoffy bike a while back? If so, You’ll get to see it go!

It was at the swap meet? one of the frames I sold on behalf of the club, then yes- I’ll look out for you.