QLD Cyclocross 2017

So who’s heading out tonight for the first round of the SRAM series?


Im out :frowning: Wife has possible broken foot, so #dadlyf winz

Oi hai!

That was a whole heap of fun, too bad fitness and general (and specific) skill set are severely lacking

That’s most of us ('cept Scott and possibly DK).

round 2 this sunday… also doing track maintenance sat from 2:30 all tools and hands welcome

Any tools in particular scott?

I’ll have to see what useful implements are hidden away at the office

In Melburn for the weekend, Have fun all.

Im in Melb now for the week, so cant leave the wife w the kids for racing on the weekend as well unfortunately :frowning:

i think hand tools are key, mattock/shovel/pick axe/rake, whipper snippers and maybe hedge trimmers or even an edge trimmer or something?