Quality of OR8/TIKI/ECO bars compared to Nitto ??

looking for a moustache bar and have come across 4 main ones available on the bay…

OR8 which I have not been able to tell if they are in fact the same as the TIKI ones and Nitto… now of course Nitto being Japanese made is of the best quality, but at double the cost, if not more, than the ORA8/TIKI/ECO ones are they THAT much better…

the VO ones look good and would be good but they do not have very much of a drop

the bay links…





any help would be greatly appreciated… and of course if someone has a pair they are no longer needing :wink::smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We tried this once before didn’t we? :wink:


Origin8 are fine (I had some - the quality is good) if you don’t want to drop the dosh on Nitto. But Nitto make the nicest bars available - I think they are worth it.

OR8, yes they are fine.

FWIW (IMO) Nitto alu bars tend to be pretty stiff compared to other alu bars - could be a good or a bad thing depending on your tastes and what you’re doing with them.

They’re not THAT pricey either and they’re generally easier to sell if you decide later that you don’t want

damn work P(iece of)C(rap) computer… tried doing a search for my previous TIKI post but it came back with ziltch so figured I must have asked on a different forum but figured if I did ask it before this time was adding a bit to it… sort off :expressionless: :? :smiley: especially as I had not earlier come across the ECO ones… maybe they have a zero carbon footprint or something :smiley: :smiley:

probably the stiffness of the Nitto bars is because it appears they may be of a thicker tubing which accounts for their better quality…

just did not want to have to spend $100 on bars I may not like and then have to lose on them when selling only to have to buy another set of bars…

it would be good to be able to try the moustache bar out, or a bike that has them, before deciding… I don’t seem to ever see any around lil’ ol’ Adel tho’