Question for the mechanics- cabling

Quick question. I’m buying a road bike for my partner which comes with Sora/Tiagra STI shifters. These shifters have the gear cable exiting from the sides. I’m planning to upgrade these to 6700 Ultegra STI shifters which of course the gear and brake are both routed along the handlebar.

My question is would I need to buy a new set of gear cable outers, or would there be enough to route the old outer cable along the handlebar when I swap them over?


The length should be fine but they have a barrel adjuster between where they exit the brifter and where they join up with the frame.
I’d get new outers.

depends on your bars/how you route em, but it’ll probably be fine. If not, LBS will sort you out.

Dude, get a piece of string, run it along the ‘external’ cable and then make sure that length is long enough to run along the bar ‘internally’ to the cable guides. ROCKET SCIENCE.

and if the Tiagra isn’t latest generation you will have 9/10spd compatibility issues.


Thanks for the tips guys.
Sime- Haven’t got the bike yet so can’t check just wanted order the cable before I get it, derailleurs are being changed so no compatibility issue.

Length should be ok but it’ll cost you $20 +/- $5 to get enough cable from the LBS to replace all the shifter cables…

If the cables on there are a bit old it’ll shift like shit… If you put new ones on it’ll be one less hassle.

The new shifters will typically come with new cabling.

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