Question: How to get a Clydesdale fork

Are clydesdale forks still something that one can find for sale new? My google-fu is failing me. Alternatively, I will keep an eye out on FB marketplace and gumtree for second handers! I have cargo carrying on the brain.

Locally? Not sure if there’s an Australian distributor anymore…

In stock at Crust directly but postage from the states is a killer as you’d expect - Clydesdale Cargo Fork – Crust Bikes

Are these those fucked up forks Westcoast Pete froths over?


Just grow a beard and wear flannel and all your forks will turn into Clydesdales.

Didn’t work for me. :tired_face:

Need more thigh tats.

My things are too big, could never afford that.

You like tings?

Froth emoji

Thank you for the replies, which provided amusement, if not concrete answers! to @partsdepartment 's point, I don’t think there’s a distributor locally either, so it’s probably a matter of keeping an eye out on FB marketplace and gumtree. I have the beard, but I don’t wear flannel, which is why my forks are so boring. Does drinking craft beer exclusively help though?

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yeh sorry for derailing the thread. I actually did do a little research after the fact - does seem extremely tricky. Best advice I can give is to make Pete an offer he can’t refuse (unlimited bad carbonara).

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Sorry, no. Craft beer is mainstream, so now you have to drink Melbourne Bitter or something equally ironic. Extra points for Boag’s red XXX ale.

ugh, i don’t know if i can do that. Life’s too short.

I enjoyed it!

saw a dude with a clydesdale fork last night. no beard, just a moustache.

Did you chase after him shouting “Hey I know of a dude that I have never met who wants to buy one of these… can you help?” by any chance?

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I got mine directly from Crust in the USA I think. I might’ve shared shipping with someone else? You could ask Jambi to see if there’s a better way. Otherwise you need to be lucky on the 2nd hand market or cough up for one from America

Also, life’s too short for gross craft beers. P!N20 knows where it’s at. Ruby tubes 4eva

AKA Strawberry Kisses

yeh every time I have a craft beer it’s just a fruit salad. Kinda yum but also just kinda not. Now just drive wagon through thirsty camel and get MB longneck - 3 for 18 deal sometimes. This is living.

I don’t know what the fuck kind of craft beer youse are drinking when a MB or boags tastes better. Each to their own and all that I guess, but fuck, dudes.

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