Question on Nitto Riser

I know 500mm is the width but what i was wanting to know is how long is the flat sections on each side like ----____----

Reason im not buying it first and testing it out to see what i prefer… is because i want to know before i buy is that cheapest place i’ve found one is at track supermarket and they offer to custom cut to whatever length you want… i’d rather they do it for me than me going to buy a pipe cutter and doing it myself… cbf…

Pretty much the length i want to achieve with a brake lever is ----____-B— so not exactly too squished like ----____B—

Hard to explain but i hope you guys/gals understand :wink:

Can someone maybe with OURY grips tell me how much they cut off and even better have pics of their setup with a brake lever

btw referring to B201AA (no sweep risers)

Thanks in advance

You are better off just buying the bars for 35 bucks and a hacksaw for $10 and DIY.

You will work out how wide you need it after riding them. Better having them a little too wide than too narrow.

I cut my b201AA’s about 1cm too short on either side… They are stupid narrow, like 37cm or something and I wish they were a little wider.

And if I remember correctly, you probably won’t want to chop much off them once you get a brake on there. Buy them, fit it up, take to a bike shop to cut if you can’t use a saw.

hrmm hard to not trust a man with so many posts… and… ORDERED!

no sweep risers are fucking awesome! …if you like being uncomfortable and having sore wrists.

I only cut about 25mm of each side of my swept back nitto’s
Narrow bars suck.