Question: Single Speed frame w/cantilever brake mounts

Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster!

I am looking to make my first foray into the SS world, but am looking for something slightly different from the flat bar/road brakes norm.

I am specifically looking for a single speed frame with cantilever/v-brake mounts so I can make a single speed winter commuter bike. I want it to have drop bars and road levers, just because!

Research has led me to a number of of SSCX frames (On One Pompino, All-City Nature boy etc.), but am wondering if there is a suitable new or second hand alternative I can source more easily locally. I’ve also seen that 90s touring bikes have the correct mounts, and suitable dropouts for a conversion, but they are hard to come by.

If anybody has any ideas then I am all ears!

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide me.

Why do you need cantis?

I’ve got a Pomp frame/fork you can buy. It’s a V4, Medium, blue, hardly used. Have cantis to sell as well. PM me.

Can’t stop don’t wanna.

I may as well reply to everybody in one post!

@zach: I don’t NEED them. So the answer is a combination of “because I can” and “something different” and “better clearance for guards etc”

@fixiechampion: I do not have permission to access that link :frowning:

@angry: I will PM you, but need to warn you that I am a pigmy at 167cm!

@droz: I don’t get it!

lawl #bestmessengerjokes

I’d probably sell my Paconi touring frame it’s about 53/54cm

@Angry It seems I don’t have permissions to PM you, possibly because I only signed up today :confused:

This is for sale for $520:

Hehe, check out the geometry chart on On-One’s site and see if you’re interested first. Looks like it’ll fit you but if you think it’s too big then no need to PM.

I’d be buying that masi if my bank balance had a + and not a -. Good buying!

Hi P!N20, can you please tell me the frame size and the specs of your machine?

Pompino v4 frame acquired… Now to commence the slow process of acquiring the rest of the components for the build. Only 20 days or so to go until I can see the classifieds!