Questions for the barista's of FOA.

So, I have a two group commercial espresso machine, and I’ve never touched one before. It’s one of these:

Tips? I managed to get it working. I even managed to make a coffee. Obviously, it wasn’t fantastic, however perhaps it will be one day. When switching the unit off, should I decompress the steam chamber?

Also, I need some gear for it - I have no idea what the technical names are, but I need the stainless jug thing to steam milk, and thermometer until I can feel temperature. I also need ‘that banger thing’ where you smash the spent coffee after a shot. I guess I need a coffee grinder too.

Also, affordable + good beans in bulk? We’ll be going through quite a bit. Perhaps I can get a trade account somewhere?


Sounds to me like you need to give Coffee Supreme a call and book in for a course in how to operate your machine, and then setup an account with them for regular beanage.

Failing that, get user:coffee to give you a hand once he’s back from Sydney.

I will send you down a book to read!

For the knock box, you can save some money by building one DIY. - DIY Knock Box $14 or less

Don’t worry about the temp gauge, you can work that one out pretty quickly. Just put your hand on the bottom of the jug, once you can’t have your hand there anymore because it is too hot, then it is done. You can also hear the pitch change from a high pitched noise to more of a low gurgle.

As for the beans, I would only buy a couple of kilos at a time depending on how much you are finding you go through. For a studio of 10 with half being coffee drinkers, we go through about a kilo a week depending on how many clients are coming in. You just don’t want a whole lot of beans sitting there for a month before you get around to using it. Fresh is best!

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Why not just buy an Aeropress?