quick price check for bbs

i can get a sugino or a tange bottom bracket for about the same price on ebay.
ive never heard of tange so which is better?
i do alot of skidding and trackstands etc which seemed to wear out my old bb pretty quickly - not that i have much experience replacing them.

thought i may as well check here before i spend my money…

oh yeah and the sugino isnt njs or anything its just one of the cheapish ones

Rumour has it that they come out of the same factory, they certainly look the same.

i got a stronglight one off some ebay seller from perth, apparently has a few of them. uses same bearings etc as campy. holding up real well… and $30 or something delivered.

Any chance of a link heavymetal. I’m looking for something similar for a Bundy frame.


Try a Shimano UN-52.

Good, cheap sealed JIS BB.

More BB info here.