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i know theres alot of threads on stars wheels, and theres alot of opinoins, i know there not very quality, but for a beater.

im 120kg, and i dont want the wheels to snap when dropping off a gutter, it says on there site that there double walled, so are they relativley strong ?

or is double walled in crap material just not strong.

Buy once buy Thompson.

I mean…heavy riders break spokes of even good wheels. I would be buying the best wheels you can afford, and make sure they are three cross or something similar. None of this radial bullshit.

Look up velocity ‘Chuckers’
did I spell it right?
I got a apir yesterday. So fat man, you could stick massive tires on, and you won’t kill them. Says on velocity’s website that they’re good for tandems, which is what i’ll probably use them for in the end.

Yeah the velocity Chukkers would probably be your best bet, maybe even 48h for extra strength if you think you need it.
They take 25mm tires at least (still look normal) and go up to 40mm or 38mm (forgetting)
They look kinda like Deep V’s just have a slight more square look and thicker.
Better off spending big bucks once, instead of buying a cheap wheelset where you are most likely to end up upgrading.

Hope this helped

i’m 150kgs and run rear 48 spoke b43 rear, 32h front and havent had to true them in the 4 or so months ive had them and I treat them terribly (jumping off things and playing polo). Chukkers should be even better.

I know this is hard to believe, but there are wheel makers, OTHER than velocity. Crazy huh.

A well build Mavic Open Pro with Ultegra 36H rear should be able to stand up to plenty of abuse. Perhaps a 30mm deep rim like a DeepV, DT Swiss RR585, 36H and it’s about a tough as you’re going to get. A 48H B43 wheelset is silly on anything other than a trick/polo bike IMO.

I believe Horatio speaks sense. Though your budget will be a factor. Personally, i think the 105 hub is the value for money.

i’ve certainly seen fatter dudes on ksyriums…

Erm, supporting Australian companies maybe?
But I’m thinking it’s more along the lines that we only know what we see the most of.

I’m all for supporting Australian companies. That said, if there is a more appropriate wheel for particular needs, I would go for that. Besides, i reckon Velocity are doing just fine haha.

Very true.
That said, what’s your opinion on mavic ksyriums? I don’t know if I spelt it right, but from what I hear they’re fairly light and tough.

Well, being a mechanic, and as Brendan says, I see way too many fat dudes coming in after busting a spoke. I reckon they are extremely over rated, and run at too high a spoke tension. But that’s the nature of wheels with less spokes obviously. Perhaps it’s just a bias, but i think there are far better (and affordable) wheels out there.

High spoke count wheels are still the best option if you’re after proven reliability (and you weigh lots)

Also, you can replace spokes easily too. Ksyriums require specific bladed spoke, not all bike shops have them in stock at all times.

Up until recently I was in the same cruiser-weight class as you and my wheel of choice for several years has been a Mavic CXP33, 32h 3x all round with 14/15g double-butted spokes. CXP33s don’t give away much to Open Pro in weight terms but IME they’re strong as a very strong thing and more blokes should be on 'em. I’ve worn rims out on those without having to true along the way and I’m not gentle. I’m also a big fan of double-butted spokes for a durable wheel build, worth the extra money and time IMO. The only 36 spoke wheels I have are on an old track set with extra light tubbie rims (Mavic OR10) and my 29er wheels.

If you’re going to beat the piss out your wheels a 36h deep V or DT R585 similar laced 3x to a decent hub will see you right, go to the extra expense of a B43 if you must have the look.

As for ksyriums - blokes your (our) size should forget them they’re just not built to be an everyday wheel for the larger gent. You could say the same for most low-spoke-count factory wheels. That said, lots of folks like them and get away with riding them all the time. Just by way of a story I lent my home-grown OP/Record crit wheels to a mate who reckons for about the same weight they roll nicer, spin up better and flex a lot less than his K’s. Now he’s pestering me to sell them to him (take what you will from that, could just be me bragging obliquely about my wheel-building skills).

$0.02 from an OFB


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i have this same combination on my road bike - in 36h - and it’s pretty sweet. in fact, i think they are my favourite wheels. road racing, crits, training - hell, even one alleycat - and they’re still spinning true. highly recommended.

i have this same combination on my road bike - in 36h - and it’s pretty sweet. in fact, i think they are my favourite wheels. road racing, crits, training - hell, even one alleycat - and they’re still spinning true. highly recommended.

Well, you’re pretty fat so…