Quiet Cartridge Bearing MTB hubs


thinking sometime soonish I’ll build some new wheels for my rawland, dynamo (SP) front and new rear.

Looking for a quiet, cartridge (not cup and cone), 6 bolt disc, rear hub, that isn’t crazy expensive ~$150 or less.

Only thing I’ve seen that’s a maybe is Bikehubstore ones.

Don’t like loud hubs for touring and long rides.


DT swiss 350- the benchmark cartridge bearing hub, and freehub isnt too loud. Price marginally above 150 though.
What about xtr- they are the quietest. Not cartridge but good seals.

Circus Monkey HDW2 Disc Hub F 28 R 28 H 355g 6 Pawls MTB CNC 6BOLT F R Set Black | eBay

XTR no.

350, maybe, like it has star ratchet that is upgradeable. But ~$200 shipped is 2x bikehubstore.

they are quite ugly, but cheap.

Why no cup and cone? Shimano is pretty damn reliable and not hard to service with simple tools. Quiet and cheap too.

Yeah, they are quiet but after a bit of mud and creek crossings in FNQ and NZ they are feeling pretty rough, would need to service 2x a year really.

Going to repack tonight so I’ll see how they are.

Also being able to remove freehub to get at DS spokes a minor plus (doubtful that I’d ever do this) as is less weight.

^ are you speaking of xt or xtr hubs? Because the seals on the xtrs are a lot better.
But fair enough, cartridge is pretty much set and forget. Fwiw im really enjoying my 350 centerlocks… Piss off those 6 bolts :slight_smile:

VO Touring hub? Tool less dismantling, sealed bearings, available in 135mm.

I have some DT 340s to build up that I scored on Facebook Bicycle Market for cheap. Seem pretty good, not too loud.

So that’s why Hope freehubs come off so easily. Makes sense

Well, its not designed for that purpose (AFAIK), but its an incidental advantage.

Must do something about selling my spare set of wheels with the DT 350 hubs.


Yep, 29".

Got DT Swiss 350 hubs, Stans tape and valves on both rims.

Front, 15mm, 180mm XT disc, Crest rim.
Rear, 142x12mm, 160mm XT disc, Shimano 10 speed cluster, WTB rim.

Happy for $350, in Brisbane.

ta. but by the time I swap end caps (I need 9mm/135x10mm QR) and relace the front it wouldn’t be worth it.

Another vote for 350s. Have them on my cross bike. Has the Star Ratchet freehub (which purrs rather than buzzes). Is marginally heavier than a 240. Will be replacing my stock hubs with them when they die.