Quote of the day

“The British Medical Association found that the risk of inactivity is 20 times greater than the health risk posed by a potential accident on a bike.”

Snapped from some artical in The Age online. I’d cite a refrence but the artical didnt bother to so why should I?

Any way, a good one to throw at people who ask why you ride.

I heard somewhere once that a bike commuter inhales less smog and shit then someone in a car. Because cars are forced to travelle in a corridor of car fumes, sucking in all the shit from the car in front of them. But bikes ride off to the side, and wizz off down side streets and through parks, thus avoiding fumes.

Again I have to refrence to cite. But I have no problem spreading this kind of thing. Even if it turns out not to be true.

That’s a good one. If you ever need a rebuttal for an anti-cycling argument, Wheels of Justice have got your back.


i find a simple “fuck you, you fat dickbag!” works well, too :smiley: