R.I.P Dave Mirra

NSJ: Just read this.

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Bummer. I loved those glory days of Dave, Hoffman and McCoy laying the ground work for modern BMX

I met him at the Sprite Urban Games back in 1999, he was such a nice dude.

Heavy news for a Friday lunch time. :frowning:

Damn, so much of my youth watching vids of him and Hoffman.

Yeah this sucks so much. :frowning:

Here’s one is one of the better eulogy of sorts:

I am really gutted. I grew up watching him ride to Social Distortion. This is horrible news.

Pretty inspiring dude. Most recently so, inspiring me to learn how to bunny hop on rollers.

i watched a lot of x-games growing up, especially bmx. always jealous of the bmx guys, remember trying tail whips on the driveway on my brothers mongoose.
this is real sad.

also suicide sucks. too much of it in the world.