Race to the Rock 2017

Race to the Rock 2017 planning is underway. Albany WA, heading north. I imagine the Munda Biddi record will be broken.

A rider is planning to break the record at the moment, but by the sounds of things - it wont last long

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Question; What has the Munda Biddi got to do with the Race to the 'Rock’? Perth is more of a hole than a rock.

Jesse’s gunna leave a white pebble at the end of the route, first one to it to take a selfie and post the same pic across multiple instagram accounts within minutes wins the “prize”.

you know that it ends up at uluru still…? MB is just a ‘stepping stone’ en route to a bigger rock.

this one is definitely a looooong haul.

Oh ok, that makes sense then. Yeh much longer than last year, as if that wasn’t hard enough already.

And they’re off!

Lead rider was 475kms in after 35.5hrs. Hoowah.

Basket Packing FTW.

probably last longer than the frame…


YOU SAID WHAT I WAS THINKING! hahaha - the lolz.

Rumour is he’s testing a ti wald prototype

ahh so this is whats been spamming my gram

And after one hell of a year - it sounds like Jesse is finally started. Fingers crossed he reels them in and adds some more spice to it.

Just checked did some dot watching. JC to take the win even with the handicap?

JC is keeping an amazing pace. Reckon the broken dynamo was something to keep the dot watchers entertained?

Been dot watching…Sarah Hammond is now in the NT…

JC gaining ground but surely too far back.

Sarah finished it earlier today.

That’s two for two.