Racks, axels, and skewers.

Don’t ride this setup. You’re compromising the clamping of the skewer to the fork significantly.

It’s not the weight on the rack that will undo you, it’s the braking forces acting on the dropout.

Even with forward facing dropouts?

fuark. dodgey bros™

so would a setup with a skewer designec for this likely be better? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aluminium-Alloy-Bicycle-Bike-Front-Rack-Carrier-/161347352070?hash=item25910d3606:g:ao8AAOSwuYVWnBzs

jeez, that looks fucked.
why even run a front rack on that fork? get a decent bikepacking handlebar bag instead if you want stuff up front, and mount a rear rack if you really need to using tubus rack adapters/ p clamps if no rear mounts.