Racks, axels, and skewers.

Right before I went camping this weekend I got a front rack. I realized when I got home that there was no real easy way to mount it to my fork, I settled on using a 130mm skewer, and securing the rack stays with a disc brake adapter on each side. It worked surprisingly well, although at speed I got a bit nervous braking hard. Essentially the rack was mounted on a skewer and I was wondering if other people had safety thoughts on this? yay, nay? I did this as the fork is carbon and I didn’t want to bend or force anything into place.

Pics? Obviously it has a bottom mount at the axle, how is it mounted at the top?

Can you convert your front hub to bolt on so you can panic brake without panicking?

Or a DT Swiss RWS?

I dont know… How would I find out if I can convert it? I tried pulling the end caps off and it was a bit tricky, tips?

Tell us what front hub it is.

get a steel fork?

dt 240s 6 bolt. With the silver sticker. Also, Blakey I was considering a swap of fork, but I don’t want to mess around with another crown race/reducer.

get a new bike.

My bank account will leave me if I start doing that.

That does not look like a sound solution.

at least attach the LH side to the active disc adapter using a longer bolt.

Yeah solid. I’ll give that a go.

What’s stopping the whole shebang from rotating either at the rack mount or the skewer? With weight on the rack + jolting from riding + braking forces, I can envision the whole thing dropping onto your front wheel. Unless I’m missing something.

That looks scary. Like Heavy just said - looks like the adapters are ready to rotate forwards - how’s it mounted up top?

It attaches at the crown as well. Although its a single bolt, it is enough to keep it from dropping/rotating enough to cause something really bad to happen in the front wheel. I only have a blow up mattress/mat on it at this stage 1 or 2 kgs max, I think anything over that is really pushing it.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be putting any weight on it at all. Makes me nervous just looking at it.

I know this is for the rear, but I am assuming with 2 bolts to the bottom of the struts, it would hold its position so I was looking at this. Tubus Adapter Set For QR-Axle Mounting | Pannier Racks | wiggle.com.au

Yeah, two bolts to the struts would improve matters vastly.