Rad Riv (Radavist approved)

Rivendell Road Frame 56 x 57 5 Lugged Steel Waterford Reynolds 753 Richard Sachs | eBay

I think this would be too big for me, but it’s awesome, and doesn’t look that expensive. If I had a spare $1200 I’d take a punt on sizing and build it similar to this:

Flat ramp disease and zero setback brooks disorder on the same bike. Poor thing

I don’t understand Mr. Blake’s objection to flat ramps, but yeah, Brooks on a straight post? That’s just silly.
Nice bike though; looks like a good build. Great colour too.



I don’t object to flatramps. I object to flatramping bars and levers that aren’t designed for it.

I love my flat ramps.

Shit, I’m totally flat ramping 9 speed Veloce on the Cannondale.

Anyway, I really dig that Rivendell frame. As I said, if I we weren’t close to finishing of renovations, if be buying it.


We’re all gonna out-flatramp you Blakey! :wink:

Not quite flat ramps

I get what Blakey’s saying, but I don’t get this against zero offset it’s all about your femur length, there is a mechanical advantage to having your knee over the spindle it’s so much more powerful

I have no idea what the fuck flat ramps are.

Judging by the pics - it’s the alignment of the hoods to the top of the handlebars?

worst rivendell so far! Isn’t that where Elrond lives?1

Thats not a Riv Rambouilett frameset on ebay DLN. They are both different frames.


Still a rad frame.

The prolly picture I posted was how I would build it up if I bought it, which isn’t going to happen anyway.

Yeah yeah!! defs one of my favourite builds which has been posted up on the radishfish.

You missed the part about flat ramp disease applying to classic bend bars.

And if your saddle nose is in front of the bb then you should be peeing on it and going for a run afterwards. Unless the st angle is like 71° a zero offset post won’t work with brooks rails, classic fixiefit.

Brooks must be aware by now that their rails are too short for many modern applications. They haven’t even bothered to fix it on the new cambiums, even with a Thomson setback post there’s barely enough rail.
Moved to a selle anatomica on my bike for more setback.

So yeah, agreed on that fixiebro fit looking a bit shite. Makes the bike look too big for the rider.