rad tall tourer

Igleheart custom touring frame and fork one of last made in Wenham, Ma | eBay

i also just really love the third picture the seller put up

haha!! great pic. yeah, this thing has been up for a while now, or has been up previously. I like it a lot and am not sure what is stopping people from going after it. The geometry doesnt seem too wild, the paint is sweeeet and you can even run fun brakes. I guess “can even” is positive spin on “have to” and that might be an issue for some people.
Still, I would like to own and build up that frameset if not for serious overlap in my garage.

Postage: US $1,226.78 (approx. AU $1,183.92)


Please don’t go by the shipping costs. I’ve never shipped a bike before but I had to put numbers in. Upon winning the bike I will take it to a local bike shop and have them package it and get the shipping rate. Once I have completed that I will send you the final invoice with the shipping.