I guess you guys are all over this dude and his handlaid in Germany rigs… but I was pretty blown away by it all. Especially since I was reading about it on my favourite Tri-geek site.

A closer look at Rafael - Slowtwitch.com

Shouldn’t this be in Linkblog section?
Anyway, Cool how he’s integrated the stem with the frame in the first one. It’d be even cooler if the stem was the frames color and it looked like it was basically the frame.

How F*** are you meant to do bar spins on that? what a dick…

barspins…I think you pull that lever on the front of the bar and the whole bar shoots to the right inside the stem, thus making way for spinning the bar. It also dis-engages the coupling in the fork steerer, so the (now lopsided) bar spins but the wheel stays straight… bar spins while descending at 90kph anyone? OMG!

And yes, it probably should be in the linkblog section.

Well, I’m impressed.

when you’ve been a member since 2005 you can post threads wherever you want.

How come he is entitled ‘NJS certified’ and not ‘senior member’?

of posts.

all ways wanted one of these

also anyone else thinks he looks a bit like Tom cruise?

That is awesome, he works for a company that builds parts for F1… just imagine the sort of testing methods he has access to for these bikes.

I have to say that these are awesome, you look at the frame builders locally and in japan that are using tried and tested and I guess traditional techniques. Here is a guy that has probably drawn hundreds of those industrial designer bikes that we laugh at, but actually works in the field he does, understands what makes things go fast. Interesting to see the belt drive on that black frame too.

I would love to throw a leg over one of his rides!!