Rain, hail or shine. Sat Morning ride.

I’m seriously loving this weather, just wet enough to keep cool and no bike traffic.

So, the usual out to Lake George and back along the Old Fed Hwy, then breakfast at Dickson somewhere. 60-70km all up depending on where you live.

Meet at Kamberra Winery carpark. 8:00am SHARP.

Fast pace, however, it is an out and back ride so you can turn around anytime and get picked up on the return if you so desire. Lycra encouraged, I’d say 69-73 gear inches would be appropriate. Singlespeeds and gears welcome…

Let me know if you’re turning up so that I know whether to roll by Kamberra or head straight out. Cheers.

How long do you think it takes Ty? I want in just have to be back before 10ish

In my experience its about 2 hour return to Dickson in a bunch with gears, might be a little slower fixed with a smaller group.

I don’t really ever notice, but there’s no hills so sitting on a relaxed 30km/h it’d still be only 2 hrs-ish (60km return).
I think when we did it and you had an 1100000000 gear inch set up we took a couple of hours.

Could hit it at 7:30 instead.

I’d be keen to start at 7:30, according to the better half I have to be back by 9:15, so I may have to turn back before the lake

Going to try and make this tomorrow morning. Will be taking the geared roadie though, will be good to test out the knee.

Unfortunately I’m having a late night tonight so I’m sticking to 8am Keith. Liam is driving so we’re meeting at the Trinity carpark in Dickson at 8. Cheerio.

cool, see you guys at 8 then

Awesome ride. We should plan rides in the rain more often if it means perfect weather like that.

Yar, thanks for the ride… sorry about my ability to hold you up. Give me a bit of time, once back from Japan I will be on the bike a lot more hopefully! I’m stuffed. Nap time for me… Ty, shoot me those links when you get a chance.

Glad I went, would have sucked balls to miss out on that weather.
I’m keen to do it again soon.

Liam I wouldn’t apologize for not keeping up with Ty, few can…!

I did the ride most of the way tonight (I turned around before a big dip, about 4km before the end, as I wanted to be home before sunset) but definitely keen to ride the whole way some time. I averaged 25kph, but with 52/17 fixed you’re just going to have to wait for me at the top of the hills (or let me catch you on the downhills).