Random RHINO ramblings........

I think for all of us, our fixies are our favourite bikes. The reasons might vary but the underlying fact is, we all just love the simplicity. We feel a closer connection to our bikes, an attachment that only a interwoven pedal/brake motion can provide. I still remember putting my very first street fix together, and heading out the garage and onto the street. It was an overwhelming sensation to legs, and the first five minutes I hated the initial ‘out-of-control’ feeling. Then slowly, my legs adapted, and the connected feeling became more ‘normal’…and provided a control that I never had felt on a bike before.

That was 2 years ago now, and I still haven’t lost any enthusiasm or love for my fixie…

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It was the first paragraph of an article, but never evolved. I just had a good ride on Saturday, and it was rolling around my head.

Where is that shot from Rhino?
Just signed up for the site after messaging last week over my cross bike (still not for sale).

Dan from Shifter bike came through with my order so I now have my first fixie up and going, will post a pic soon but other than not having a ridiculous disc wheel it’s quite a bit like yours (80s road frame with sushi bars).

Photo is taken from one very natsy steep climb right near my house in Bulimba (just ask ndf).

Pics of the new fixed very welcome, been on the sushi bars for a while now, and really enjoy them.

glad you like them, my next fixed (CX bodge) will have them I think. So cheap!

speaking of which, do they prefer road or mtb brake levers? (23.8mm or 22.2mm bar clamp)

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i’ve just fitted sushis to the PR10, looking to move weight back a bit and well pleased for the shorter rides anyway

the bar is 22mm - MTB levers, 25.4 clamp

the start width was a bit like driving a bus!! and there’s a bar end just where my knee wants to be on a stand!!

after talking with dan i chopped 65mm each side - 50 first then another 15 - for an overall 510mm (C-C, a bit of a dodgy measure!) with 120mm grip length the lever is right at the start of the curve - will post pics if interested. maybe next time would look at docking the grip 10mm and cutting 75mm??

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